Week 3 – Assignment 2

Today we focused on the notions of the extended mind, extended body and nervous system, and looked at how thinking about the human subject gradually shifted towards paying more attention to the material, affective and emotional qualities of being. These are the theoretical constructions that are practically explored and applied in projects, such as Pervasive Computing Group and Smarter Objects/Fluid Interfaces at MIT, Google Glass, and art projects by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Andy Clark and David Chalmers write: “…not every cognitive process…is a consicous process”. They also maintain that such processes become portable and exist outside the human body and mind and yet are core to their functionality.

  • When we imagine computational networks and devices as our limbs, memory stocks, spaces of emotion and reservoirs of imagination, what do we gain?
  • What are the excitement and dangers of this new condition?
  • What happens whan data capture, storage and analysis, surveillance, and metadata become the medium and platform of our emotional, cognitive and cultural life?